Rock Counseling Services
Approach to Counseling

The counselor takes a holistic approach when working with clients as he understands how personal issues impact every aspect of a person’s being. A variety of therapeutic techniques may be used dependant on the presenting issue. Client goals and comfort will direct treatment progress.

In the first session the counselor will gather information from the client, assess the issues and present a plan for intervention. Mutual agreement of client and counselor will clarify the treatment plan. The counselor’s goal is to establish a safe and confidential relationship with the client that promotes helpful conversation in discovery of relief from their concerns. The length of the counseling progress will be dependent on the presenting issue and may range from one to six 50-minute sessions. More complicated issues may need further sessions but this will be discussed with the client at that time.

All counseling techniques are age appropriate. Counseling services for children under the age of sixteen will require parental consent. Parents will be consulted regularly throughout the process and included in counseling sessions when deemed appropriate.

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