Rock Counseling Services
Counseling Services Offered


HEAL - Helping Parents Heal Support Group. A ten week support group program to help parents who have been rejected by their adult children.

Individual Counseling for grief, loss, adjustment/transition, trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction and relationship issues.

Couples Counseling for marriage preparation, communication challenges, marriage issues.

Critical Incident Debriefing in the days following a traumatic event.

Group Counseling for grief/trauma in Children:
                      “What Colour Is My Hurt?” (3-5)
                      “I Feel Better Now” (6-12)

Group Counseling for grief/trauma in Adolescents:
                      “Teen Empowerment” (Domestic Violence)
                      “Trauma Intervention Program for Adolescents”

Group Counseling for grief/trauma in Adults:     
                        “Adults and Parents in Trauma: Learning to Survive”
                        “When Parents Hurt” (When parents and adult children do not get along)

Note: All groups are 8-10 weeks in length dependant on variables in the particular program. Inquire if interested in attending one of the groups.

Contact: Kevin@RockCounseling.com
Telephone: 506.260.6240